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What is Valfi?

Case study: gpc-tax.de

Case study: Vimmacompany.com

Grow your enterprise with Valfi’s 24/7 management services 

We offer your business a monthly package tailored for your needs, including managed e-commerce or website, online campaigns, video marketing, analytics and much more for a fixed monthly price starting 69 € / month.


We develop and monitor 24/7 your e-commerce stores that are driven by data and efficient advertising.

IT Security

For any digital business, IT security is one of our top priorities. We help you to take care of it 24/7.

Online advertising

We help you to pick up the right channels, build a plan and then execute customer service relevant to you.


We can offer digital training, webinars, consultation and collaboration with academias and universities fo your better performance.


We offer a cost-efficient way to measure customer flows in your applications and premises 24/7.

Social media

We help you to build your brand with a strategy and take over the trend in social media channels.

Lead generation

We help entrepreneurs to grow their sales through effective branding and advertising in all channels – online and offline.


We create content that makes your customers to say wow and bring more revenue using video, animation, and much more.

Why Valfi?

We believe in 24/7 managed service and metrics-driven digital advertising. The only way to predict the future is to invent it. New managed services, and content-driven solutions change the way we live and work. These revolutions improve our standard of living and ways doing business.

Happy clients

We ensure your availabilityt from all over the world. Enhance your digital performance with our managed service package and fast support.

Reach your targets

Taking innovation into action and helping other entrepreneurs to work with digital tools 24/7 is Valfi’s duty and passion.

CASE: Vimmacompany.com

How to manage a centralized 2.5 million € turnover in international e-commerce, physical stores, clothing production, and logistics communications?

In Valf’s integrated solution, all the elements of success work just for them. Cash registers are also integrated to use the same inventory system with the online store. The system has been built from components entirely for customer’s specific needs.


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