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Finland offers affordable connections to run electronic services. We also have tax benefits for data centres. 

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You can trust the Finnish state, low bureaucracy and ease of work.

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It is cheap to start and run a Finnish company.

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Our staff has years of experience running and developing tech businesses and e-commerce companies in Finland. Our company has AAA rating in creditworthiness and strong expertise in technology-related fields. 


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Valtteri Kujala

Valtteri Kujala

Managing Director, PhD Researcher

Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Head Account Manager, Bachelor of Laws

Annariina Hietanen

Annariina Hietanen

Account Manager, Bachelor of Media

Jere Pellikka

Jere Pellikka

Customer Success Manager

Why to start a business in Finland?

Operating the company is easy and effortless in Finland. Corporate taxation is competitive and costs are low. Almost all transactions can be handled digitally and bureaucracy is minimal.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to start a business in Finland?

The cost depends on the nature and level of the activity. If you want to start a fully digital company without premises or investments, the cheapest cost is in the order of about 500 euros. The cost of accounting with an annual turnover of approx. 500,000 euros is approx. 300 € / month. Help with these steps is provided hourly-basis.

How much is the corporate tax rate in Finland?
The corporate tax in Finland stands on 20 % on profits. Operating expenses such as salaries, rents, pension contributions and marketing are deducted from the turnover before tax.
Why Finland is great location for digital businesses?
Finland is located in a logistically good place between America and Asia. Finland has a good international reputation, a balanced political system and a well-functioning infrastructure.
Who can start a company in Finland?
One of the founders should have a residence in European Union area. Before establshing a company in Finland, it is advised to get a VISA and have enough resuources for living expenses. Well prepared business plan and realistic financial resources can help getting an entrepreneur VISA.
What is the best location in Finland to run a company?
Look outside Helsinki area. Especially in Northern Finland there are lot of affordable areas for living and investing with skilled workforce. Especially Oulu area has a great reputation building technology for Nokia product development.
What areas are emerging in Finland?
Technology, biotech, food and agricultural business sectors are in demand. The goverment is supporting these businesses with research and aids.

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